Translating from the shore



Presented between the 5th and 10th July, 2022, at the Heritage Centre of Ledbury, and between the 13th and 15th July, at Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, Londres, as part of the travelling exhibition “Experiential Translation“, curated by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell, and with the support of the Art and Humanities Research Council UK.

“Translating from the shore” is the continuation of a broader project (the first chapter was “Let it flow“) that, based on the new tendencies of environmental law, defends the river as a living entity that has its own right to exist, develop and reproduce independently of the human activities. From this perspective, a question is opened: as a living entity, has the river a language? Translating from the shore takes the river Ter, which goes through northern Catalonia, as a subject of study with the goal of speculating about different ways in which this river could be expressing itself, such as taking its waves as excerpts of an infinite asemic writing, or its colors as a form of non verbal communication, among others.

My infinite thanks to: Ricarda Vidal, Madeleine Campbell, África Vidal Claramonte, Aina, Gerard, Joel, Laila, Pol, Queralt, Salamatu, Elisenda Soler, Alícia Casadessús, Iolanda Parés and Pol Aregall.