Let it flow


Video and text

Produced for the exhition “Cap a les deus. Una gramàtica fluvial“, curated by Ingrid Guardiola, at Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani, Girona.

First attempt of the elaboration of a legislative proposal that supports the recognition of the river Ter’s juridic personality. The video presents different stretches of the river at the same time that a voice reads the legislative proposal, which can also be read (in Catalan) here. For the exhibition at Bòlit, the video was projected in a hanging screen, accompanied by legislative documents that have been used as references for the project, as well as images of other culture’s mythologies.

My infinite thanks to: Ingrid Guardiola, Rita Andreu, Cesc Andreu, Joana Roda, Elisenda Soler, Pere Rifà.