Oil, which means light


Oil lamps and performative lecture

Presented on the 26th March at Destil·leria ecomuseu de la mar de Calafell and Finca Cal Figuerola, in Bisbal del Penedès, within the context of “Oil and artists” by Cal Cego Col·lecció d’art contemporani.

Josep, Roser and Ismael told me that, in the last months of the year, when days are short, olives are pressed to produce oil. That new oil is warm and brilliantly green and the producers celebrate it by making the feast of the oil. In a conversation with Margot, we got to the conclusion that “oil” means light. In the past, oil was not only used as an ingredient, but it was also part of rituals. Maybe, the feast of the oil is one of those rituals, which is celebrated by the end of the year, when everything feels cold and dark. Oil is the sun that lacks, gold and warm. For all these reasons, we met when we could andd we celebrated the light, walking to the darkness of the origin giving it some light with oil lamps that brought us to the past. “Oil, which means light” vas a ritual to celebrate life in a moment of darkness. 

My infinite thanks to: Roser and Josep (Cal Cego), Montse Badia, Ismael, Bernat and Joana (Bombon Projects), Margot Cuevas, Sol Roca, Alícia Casadessús, Elisenda Soler, Jordi Lafon, Montsita Rierola, Rita Andreu, Azahara Cerezo, Anna Pahissa, Joan Dot, Maria Verdaguer.