In the beginning,


Intervention at Bombon Projects, Barcelona.

Text for the exhibition (in Catalan) [.pdf].

Art Nou 2018 Award.

The creation of the world according to biblical genesis starts with a beginning in which God created the light. The first three words of this beginning (“In the beginning”) have seen how, over time, different things have preceded them: light, verbs, noise … In the passage of John 1: 1-14 from King James’version of the  Bible, for example, we read the sentence “In the beginning was the Word”, while on page 24 of Art as a social system (2000), Niklas Luhmann tells us that “In the beginning, there is a difference.”

Similarly, years before, in 1980, Michael Serres affirmed that “In the beginning was the noise”; a little later, in 1996, Julia Kristeva stated that “In the beginning was love”; and a few years ago Rosi Braidotti wrote that “In the beginning of all there is Him”. Who knows what was there exactly in the beginning?

Willing to discover some method to answer this question, the exhibition “In the beginning,” uses Bombon’s space as a laboratory for an experimental archaeological research. The project starts from the observation of the visible and invisible marks of the past that can be found in the gallery’s space in order to deal with them as if they were clues of other times that allow us to imagine and reconstruct a possible scenery of the beginning of this space.

Infinite thanks: Bernat Daviu i Joana Roda (Bombon Projects), Sira Roda, Felix and Aaron, Joan Dot, Joan Ferrarons i Llagostera (pel dubte del moll de l’os), Cristina Tanyà, Martina Millà (per la informació sobre el Rockefeller), venedor del Barcelona Panda Building Materials (for the outfit).