Rizoma: an ecosophical utilitary network


Design and application of an ecosophical utilitary network for the Cooperativa Cultural Rizoma SCCL, in Celrà.

With the collaboration of the architect Jaume Mercader for the design and production of the ecosophical vertices, and with moral and conceptual support of Roc Parés, Job Ramos, Rita Andreu and Olga Taravilla.

Cooperativa Cultural Rizoma SCCL, from Celrà, works in collaboration and making alliances with different cultural agents of the territory. Their methodology questions the most institutionalized ways of production and creation in the art world and defends other ways of getting in relation with artists, educators, institutions, collectives, neighbours and other cultural entities.

With the goal of visibilizing in the long term their affinities with other agents, I designed an utilitary network based in the traditional geodesical networks but, in this case, of an ecosophical nature, instead of geodesical. This new network doesn’t map on the territory different points located in very concrete distances, but connections with other beings of the artistic and cultural ecosystem with which the cooperative is in relation. To do so, a law was written (in Catalan: “Llei 1/2021 de 2 de febrer, sobre les xarxes tradicionals de senyals geodèsics i la nova implementació d’una xarxa ecosòfica utilitària per a la cartografia social“). It regulates the functioning of this network. The law was signed in a ludico-notarial-festive act, celebrated on the 30th April 2021, by the members of the project Commutacions (the artists Roc Parés, Job Ramos and me), as well as the members of the Cooperativa Cultural Rizoma SCCL.

The application of this ecosophical utilitary network for the Cooperativa Cultural Rizoma SCCL is accompanied by the installation in each location of a rhizomatic object, printed in 3D, and designed in collaboration with Jaume Mercader. Every new vertice that is needed will be automatically designed and printed anew and will be different from any other, as a rhizome that grows and expands. 

My infinite thanks: Jaume Mercader, Roc Parés, Rita Andreu, Olga Taravilla, Mar Serinyà, Job Ramos.