To be a moth or embodying the unexpected


Audio in catalan.

Presented at the event A*LIVE_L’Inesperat_A Space Opera, a project by A*Desk, curated by Fito Conesa and Mery Cuesta, with support of Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (11/12/2020).


In this audio I reflect on the idea of the unexpected by trying to give voice to the moth that was supposed to be found by Grace Hopper in the Harvard Mark II’s cables. It is said to be the moth that gave the name to the term of “bug”, used to call the unexpected mistakes in electronic apparatus. The moth presents herself as the granddaughter of the moth who entered one of the Edison’s phones.

The idea is that this moth and her relation to the term “bug” represent the unexpected connected to the notion of freedom; she had the ability of appearing there where she wasn’t supposed to be.

My infinite thanks to: Montse Badia, Fito Conesa and Mery Cuesta.