International Standard White Noise

For Zoe.
Performance assajada with the researchers of the “Beyond Text” program, at the University of Vic, on 05/12/2017, and presented on 05/27/2017 to the “FORMS OF ECLIPSE Lee Lozano” program, curated by Valerio del Baglivo, to BAR Project, Barcelona.

This performance attempts to allow the disappearance of its author. In order to do this, the audience receives a proposal for the generation of a white noise by pronunciating simultaneously all the phonemes of the international phonetic alphabet. The list of words that serve of example for each phoneme is read aloud. By doing this, an international white noise is going to be produced and it will be impossible to distinguish each of the voices that compose it.

My infinite thanks to: Valerio del Baglivo, Arturo Moya, Ruth Abellán, Alba Vilamala, Eva Marichalar, Owen Chamberlain, els investigadors de “Beyond Text” que van participar al primer assaig a La Clota (Vic, 12/05/2017), BAR Project (Juan Canela, Veronica Valentini, Andrea Rodríguez), els assistents al programa “FORMS OF ECLIPSE Lee Lozano” (Barcelona, 27/05/2017