Exhibition displays

8-12 July, 2019

Workshop within the summer course Xup-Xup, coordinated by Tantàgora the educative team of Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, in the same museum.


Workshop for 7-to-12-year-old kids. Developed with Berta Fontbotè and Joana Mora (edcative team at Museu del Disseny), Maria Mendoza and Roser Ros (Tantàgora). 

One of the main goals was to learn the process of developing a design project and to work different branches of design (fashion, graphic, objects, interiors…). To do so, we made up a series of short stories in which their main characters had some kind of necessity. For example, Marià was a guy who used to fall asleep everywhere and he needed a helmet that could protect his head, while Marta was a girl who wanted to hide within the water to be able to spy the pirates.

We worked in small groups, and each of them had the commitment to find a solution for one of these characters by creating a body extension. In only three days the kids did an incredible work. They not only found solutions for each case, but also produced them and elaborated fanzines in which they explained the instructions of their creation. We visited the different exhibitions of the museum to get inspired. 

Besides, in the middle of the process, the kids had to pass a “Quality Control” in which every group was asked to explain their project by answering to the questions: “What?”, “Why?”, “How?”, “When?”, “For who?”, “Where?”. On the last day we prepared “The Interplanetary Congress of Exhibition Displays”. The kids turned the museum hall into a perfect space for the exhibition and presentation of their creations.

My infinite thanks: Tantàgora team, Roser Ros, Berta Fontbotè, Maria Mendoza, Joana Mora and staff at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.