Juego de poner un papel dentro de un vaso, y encima una moneda, y…

Poster (29,7 cm × 44,6 cm) printed in 2+0 (black/red) and rag (9 x 14cm) printed in 1+1 (black/red). All on Shiro Echo Recycled paper (100gr). Tied with hemp string.

Poster designed by Control Z Visual, with collaboration of Jordi Daví in the production. Printed at Impremta Daví, Vic. Limited edition (signed and numbered) of 50. For the artists’s editions’s project of Associació Binari.

Price: 23€

In last months 2020, David Santaeulària, from Associació Binari, in Olot, invited me to design a limited edition for the collection of artists’s editions of the association.

My proposal was to make a poster for the performance Otro modo de hacer juegos de manos that I had been working with Alba Sanmartí. The poster is inspired by the visual elements with which the English illusionist Adelaide Herrmann (1853 – 1932), who also influenced the mentioned performance, announced her shows.

The poster goes with a rag that contains the rewriting of instructions found in the book Engaños a ojos vistas y diversión de trabajos mundanos fundada en lícitos juegos de manos,  by Pau Minguet i Irol, published in 1755, to make a hand game using the poster.


My infinite thanks to: David Santaeulària, Associació Binari, Alba Sanmartí, Bombon Projects (Joana Roda and Bernat Daviu), Jordi Daví, Jordi Salvans, Sandra Ortíz.