They come from afar II


This is for Aina Roca, who will forever be in us, walking and shining as she used to. 

Action presented in the program “A+A. Naturalesa no és paisatge / Escenes erràtiques”, produced by ARBAR, at Vall de Santa Creu, on the 25th July, 2020.


The huds and walls made of stone that delimit the path that goes from Coll Perer to the vineyard of ARBAR invite us to imagine those men and herds who used to walk through them in the past. Their image is sketched in our minds like stars get drawn in our nocturnal sky, presenting themselves like an old light, a light that comes from afar. With this ideas in mind, “They come from afar II” is a choreography of lights and sound that takes this path as a scenario to evoke past lives.

My infinite thanks to: Joan Dot, Gerard Llimona, Blai Marginedas, Sebastià Masramon, Oriol Dot, Quim Valls, Centre ARBAR, Jordi Miquel Riera, Aina Roca.