Sound fugue. Opening


This was an action that took place in the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. It was the result of working as an artist in residency at Institut Maria Espinalt, Barcelona. With students Júlia Aguilera, Irene Alemany, Pol Casanovas, Tristan Clemente, Héctor Fayos, Marc Ferrer, Elka Gallardo, Salma Idrissi-Ibrahimi, Daniela Martínez, Luca Perpinyà, Gael Prat, Pau Pujol, Tobias Rosenfeldt, Jordi Saumell, Erol Serrano and Hugo Prat and their teacher Guillem Baladia. Coordinated by A Bao A Qu and the Nacional Museum of Art of Catalunya, within the programm En Residència, ICUB.


You can follow our day-to-day in our journal.

Confinement took us by surprise in the midst of our working process, as it happened to most of the people. We tried to continue with the work we had been doing and ended up with the piece Fuga sonora. Obertura. This was a symbolic happening to celebrate that little by little we are allowed to meet again and that doors have started to open. Not only our home’s doors, but also our schools and the museum’s doors. During confinement, we’ve been recording our house’soundscapes. With these recordings we’ve made a sound composition. The day that the National Museum of Art of Catalunya reopened its doors, on the 10th June 2020, we let this composition fly away in the open air.

My infinite thanks: Abao A Qu team, Sandra Figueras, Guillem Baladia Jordi Casas (control Z), programa EN RESiDÈNCiA i Institut Maria Espinalt.