A mountain inside home (Herald St.)


Ceiling tiles and peas.

Translation of Una muntanya a dins de casa (2018) into the conditions of the building 13-14 Herald St., in London. This was part of the group show “Second Attention Awareness” (4/05 – 29/06/2019), curated by Aina Pomar at SCAN Projects Room.

It is said that in Vic there is a house that has a mountain inside. It is also said that if you make a hole on the floor of some first floor’s rooms, you will find rock. At Arc de Triomf”s underground station (Barcelona) I step on the pieces of a broken floor tile. cruc-cruc. The ceramic shards are unstable and unstucked on the paving. They follow the swing of my weight caused by my body’s movement. At 13-14 Herald St. there are some pieces of polysterene tiles still hanging from the ceiling. Someone placed them there, maybe with the goal of making a sound insulation. Later on, someone tried to take them off. Strength and balance in flow; my body, the bodies of the others, the space, time and the earth. The image of a raw pea under or on a floor tile; still a mountain inside home.

Photos: Alexander Christie.

My infinite thanks: Aina Pomar, SCAN Projects, Joana Roda and Bernat Daviu (Bombon Projects), Richard Hards, Ian Waelder.