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Instructions for two actions.

With the collaboration of Rosi Corrales.

Instructions for two actions dedicated to Sofía Corrales and Vera Martín, to be made once the exhibition The Tongue Says Loneliness, in Pradiauto, Madrid, is ready.

Action 1:
[Before the opening.]
1. Take a dog to Pradiauto.
2. Let it move and run freely in the room.
3. Watch the places it goes, the tracks it makes, how it moves…. 
4. Draw and take notes of these movements in a map of Pradiauto. 
5. Using a pencil, mark and write in the exhibition space small comments that explain how would you modify the exhibition according to the movements of the dog. 
6. Show the map in the exhibition, with the title “The visit of (Name of the dog). Possibilities for the improvement of the exhibition” and the date of the visit. 

Action 2:
[During the exhibition.]
1. When you are alone in Pradiauto, always leave some tasks unfinished, so that you can finish it when somebody visits the exhibition. To finish the task, you can ask the visitor for some help. The tasks can be: brooming the artspace, choosing a word when writing an email, opening or closing the door… 
2. Print the table that I send you. After every collaboration, write the date, the task and the name of the person who has participated. 
3. This table should also be visible in the exhibition room, but in an almost private spot, such as your desk, or behind the toilet’s door. 

My infinite thanks to: Rosi Corrales, Sofía Corrales, Vera Martín Renau.