Meetings On The Common Ground


After participating in an artistic residency at Sorø Kunstmuseum, Denmark, with the danish artist Jette Ellgaard, invited by the Participatory Arts for Invisible Communities, I wrote some reflections on common grounds and communication between different peoples. The writing is based on the practices of  Nyamnyam and Deriva Mussol, as well as the metaphores of a universal communication made up by the american matematician and machine translation pioneer Warren Weaver, and the thoughts of the feminist indian philosopher Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.

I entitled the reflections “Meetings On The Common Ground” and they were published as a chapter of the book Participatory Arts for Invisible Communities (2019), edited by Irena Sertić, published in Zagreb by Omnimedia with the support of Creative Europe Programme (EU). 

You can read it here. [.pdf in english]

My infinite thanks: Ramon Parramon, Maite Palomo and ACVic, PAIC Project team, Jette Ellgaard, Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock, familia Nyamnyam, Deriva Mussol, and specially to the women from the group Afrikas Strik and the girls at Bo-og støttecenter.