Les transformacions de Gregor Samsa


In “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka explains the case of Gregor Samsa: a man who one morning he waked up and found out he had turned into an insect. Even though Kafka gave all details about his family feelings and reactions towards this transformation, he did not mention at all the name of the insect into which Gregor had turned. However, in the social imaginary, Gregor is sometimes turned into a fly, sometimes into a beetle, and sometimes even into a butterfly, amongst other kind of bugs. This means the process of metamorphosis that Kafka started on Gregor’s body is still active thanks to the readings and no-readings of this literary piece. “Les transformacions de Gregor Samsa” collects different versions of “The Metamorphosis” explained by people who know the story but have never read it. The recordings of this voices constitute the work, which is complemented by the story in German.

Photos: Jordi Casas

My infinite thanks to: Elisenda Soler, Marina Mascarella, Jordi Lafon, Jordi Canudas, Sergi Egea, Jaume Coll i Mariné, Estel Boada, Daniel Moreno, Blai Marginedas, Alba Vilamala, Marc Fernández.