Ella: allà i després

A project by
Estel Boada, Anna Dot and Daniel Moreno Roldán for Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona.

With the collaboration of
Caterina Almirall, as driver and curator,
Jaume Coll, as bass player,
Marc Fernández, as drummer,
Marcel Rubio, as painter.

The name “Mercè” means “reward” and refers to the various marian apparitions that have taken place over time. One of these appearances occurred simultaneously in three different places on the same night of September the 24th of 1218. The three men who lived alone were in their respective chambers: King James I, St. Pere Nolasc and St. Ramón Penyafort. This apparition represents the fulfillment of the visit that the Virgin had promised to the Catalan people. Until then, the visit had remained pending.

“Ella: allà i després” is a project based on the origin of “Mercè” and the expectation of this finally happening, to visualize the mechanisms that sustain faith and use them as an artistic practice.