Exercicis d’equilibri per a un niu


Capella de Sant Roc (Valls), within the program “Dèria”, curated by Marina Vives.
Blog de’n Màrius Domingo, ornitòleg vallenc


Since six springs the same pair of common wood pigeons try -unsuccessfully- to build a nest on the electrical cables that hang from my grandmother’s house. Matilda, a neighbour, says that she sees everything from her window. Moreover, some holm oak’s branches appear in front of my grandma’s house’s door. She collects them and burns them on winter. The pigeons still haven’t succeed in building any nest.

Matilda and my grandma gave me a detailed explanation of the facts and some other issues. The conversation was recorded, transcribed and analysed using hyperRESEARCH, a qualitative data analysis software. Conceptual maps were generated from the conversation’s codification. The possibility that some of them may contain the instructions for the successful building of a pigeon’s nest isn’t rejected.

 Infinite thanks: Maria Coma Gorchs, Matilda, Marina Vives, Màrius Domingo, Sergi Egea, Jordi París, Maria Verdaguer, Joan Dot, el senyor de Ràdio Fabregat (Barcelona).