Inivisible choreographies and odd gestures

15th April – 13th May, 2021

Workshop at Escola Illa, Sabadell. 


Workshop for adults. The initial statement was: 

We will begin by recognizing our gestures and rutinary movements and we will understand them as choreographies. We will ask ourselves about the role our senses play in these movements, and we will explore the influence that architecture and furniture have on us. The goal of the workshop is to be able to produce objects and rethink spaces in order to practice new choreographies and odd gestures. By moving and exploring our senses, we will try to express and comunicate in unusual ways. 

In the end, we explored the class’ possibilities, we played with space and with that which happens to our bodies when we move. We elaborated a scene in which we recorded the following soundscape: 

My inifinite thanks: Oriol Vilapuig, Montse, Jordi, Josep, Núria, Ingrid and Laura.