Art and Translation in the Digital Age: Study of El 27||The 27th, by Eugenio Tisselli


“Art and Translation in the Digital Age: Study of El 27||The 27th, by Eugenio Tisselli”  is an article published in the volume 8, number 1, of the journal Barcelona Research Art Creation (pages 40-60). DOI:

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The speed in obtaining responses characterizes our use of the information and communication technologies (ICT). The feeling of immediacy comes along with the occultation of the intermediate processes and the agents that mediate those uses. In this sense, McKenzie Wark came up with the term “third nature”, which refers to the separation between the ICT and the natural resources with which they interact. Likewise, Michael Cronin (2013) described the “3T paradigm” (trade, technology and translation) to address the issue of the invisibilization of the entialments between trade, technology and translation in the digital age. These thoughts emphasize the need of raising awareness about the ICT infrastructure in order to understand the political, economic, social, and environmental consequences of the use of digital tools. By taking all this into account, the goal of this paper is to bring to light the interaction between the 3T paradigm and its linkage to environmental issues by analysing Eugenio Tisselli’s digital art project El 27||The 27th (2014 – nowadays).

Keywords: digital art, translation, technology, trade, environment

My infinite thanks to: Pilar Godayol, Eugenio Tisselli, BRAC journal.