Work visit



Celebrated on the 25th March, within the program “Incòmodes”, curated by Joana Hurtado at Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Center, Barcelona.

The Bible explains that when God saw men building a tower that could reach the heaven, he punished them for being so bold by giving each of them a different language, so that they could not understand each other and the Tower of Babel was never finished. From that chaos, and to confront it, some say translation was born. Today, the sites under construction remain a context of confusion, a zone of translation, both for the workers and for those who wait from the outside. The waiting, the indeterminacy and the uncertainty of the works meet the potentiality of an undefined space, everything that can become the open approach of a new place.

While waiting to enter the new Art Centre, “Work Visit” offers a somewhat special visit. After delving into the difficulties of accessing and understanding the rehabilitation of the new space, I realize that one of the major tasks carried out in the construction areas is translation. So this visit is designed as a small route through the area of the Fabra i Coats site, pointing out the details that show that since historical times it has been a strategic place for humans. Precisely for this reason, it has been a place in constant renewal, its uses have been very diverse, like a project that is being redefined and redesigned every moment, like the Tower of Babel itself. Over the whole visit hovers the possibility that these endless works are, in reality, a mirror of the works of the Tower of Babel.

My infinite thanks: Joana Hurtado, work’s chief, Clara Renau, Guida Ferrari, Pol Aregall.