Set tombarelles enrere

March, 2023

Text in Catalan for the magazine Circular. Revista d’errar, published by Extinció Edicions.

Adaptation of the text presented to the action “Seven backward somersaults“, at the Errant 2022 Festival, in Gósol, on April 24, 2022.

A somersault is a lap made with our own body. The number seven is a magic one related with different religious traditions and their interpretations of the world’s creation. “Seven backward somersaults” began with a solitary walk: the lap around Pedraforca through the path PR-C 127, starting from Gósol, sleeping in Saldes, and getting back to Gósol. During the walk, I wrote this text based on three elements: the experience of walking the path PR-C 127; the influence of Gósol in Picasso’s work, which is said to have brought the artist to develop the technique of the masks; and the knowledges and intuitive interpretations about nature. The text was shared with the public through a performative lecture in which those who had come read aloud with me, representing and embodying the elements of the walk that I had done.


My infinite thanks: Aina Roca, Jesús Vilamajó and Aleix Purcet.