Art i posttraducció. Teories i pràctiques en el món postdigital


Book in Catalan published in the Translation and Interpretation Library collection 27 (directed by Pilar Godayol), by EUMO Editorial, Vic.

Following the proposal of post-translation theorists, Anna Dot observes and interprets the works of present-day artists who work on translation and digital tools, what has been called artistic post-translation. The result is a speculative and rigorous exercise, which surprises with the diversity of the topics it addresses: the rise of artificial intelligence, the need to redefine authorship, piracy, linguistic capitalism, the ecological impact or the creation of spaces for other identities and lifestyles.

The book is structured in two blocks: the first delimits the fields of study from contemporary times – Cold War, consumer society and globalization -, presents the modalities of automatic translation and describes the relationship between art and digital culture. The second part shows how artistic post-translations are concerned with the social, cultural and political problems that affect the relationships that humans maintain among ourselves and with the world.

Art i Posttraducció. Teories i pràctiques en el món postdigital

My infinite thanks: Pilar Godayol, Pere Quer, Antoni Muntadas, Andrea Nacach, Octavi Rofes, Eugenio Tisselli, Jan Monsalvatje.