Happening for La Bianyal 2017, in Vall de Bianya, coordinated by David Santaeulària. [14 – 15/10/2017]

with: Caterina Almirall, Oriol Dot, Palma Lombardo, Blai Marginedas i Daniel Moreno Roldán.

A group of people follow a path across a centenarian oak forest in Vall de Bianya. They see 5 people from afar who walk towards them. At a certain moment, those 5 people stop walking and stare at the group. The distance between the ones and the others is big enough not to see the others clearly. They maintain mutual glances for a while.
The action finishes when the group of people on a path stop seeing the others.

The title “Reappearance” is a direct reference to the action entitled “Appearance” developed by Collective Actions on the 13th March, 1976, outside Moscow.

My infinite thanks to: David Santaeulària, Associació Binari, Caterina Almirall, Oriol Dot, Palma Lombardo, Blai Marginedas, Daniel Moreno.