No need of light

Sentences in braille. Installation made with ceramics.


The series “No need of light” is a group of sentences in ceramics written in braille that are distributed all along the gallery’s walls, inviting our bodies to touch them, follow them and dance with these movements. It comes as the result of asking myself how could I design an exhibition that prioritizes senses other than the sight, or if an artwork of this kind could work as an excuse to create new choreographies for the spectator’s body. All the sentences are extracts from the theatre play “The Blind” (1890), by Maurice Maeterlinck, in which a group of blind people get lost in an island and they describe their feelings as they try to orient themselves. 

My infinite thanks to: Bernat Daviu i Joana Roda (Bombon Projects), Margot Cuevas, Víctor Sunyol, Muntadas.