Lovers who uncover


Embroidered curtain

Presented at Bombon Projects‘s booth, Sunday Art Fair, London (3-6 October, 2019). There, the curtain covered a painting by Bernat Daviu, as it can be seen in the photos.


A curtain that covers and uncovers. In love with you, the curtain celebrates that you are in front of her, that your gaze moves over her body and, if she could, she would ask you not to turn away from her and leave her apart, please, don’t do it, because your eyes are lovely, your gaze is captivating and your presence, in front of her, oh, it’s fascinating. And this is why it uncovers, because it reveals these feelings. And how is it done? Oh, well, it is done by something as romantic as an embroidery.  A confession that you’ll read for you, that will get into your head as a telepathic message, and that is embroidered on her curtain’s body, a body that covers things.

Her love towards you is based in that basic idea that maybe things only exist because we look at them. The embroidered words celebrate that you read them, as if they were mediums between the curtain and you, as if they could translate her object language into your language of human to let you know that, oh, let’s hope your coexistence (curtain and you, one in front of the other) never ends.

My infinite thanks: Bernat Daviu and Joana Roda (Bombon Projects), Irene Grau, Francesco Giaveri, Iolanda Parés, Martina Verde, Mar Villegas, my mother, Sandra (dels arreglos Sandra).