5 proposals



The text was elaborated for the publication “Journeys to Utopia”, which was produced as a response to the exhibition “Spirit of Utopia” at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, in July 2013. The book was written and edited by Sofía Corrales, Elena dal Molin, Nicole Marziale, Federica Mentasti and Anna Dot, supervised by Claire Nichols.



1- I propose to leave a gap in the place where the word “propose” should be written in my next proposals.

2- I                 to add the Catalan word “daixonses” to the English vocabulary. By doing this the English people will be able to use it in the same way that Catalans do: as an all-purpose word that we pronounce when we cannot find the exact word.

3- I                  to change the gramatical function of the word “worship” to a name. It WON’T be a verb anymore. It is now a name!

4- I                  to be an amateur for the rest of my life and have a lot of worships.

5- I                   to eliminate the word “to” after the gap in which the word               should be written and start writing the first verb of each proposal as a gerund.

– I                      changing the subject “I” to “They” in my next proposals.

– They               not calling these “proposals” and giving them the name of “love declarations”.

– They               daixonses+ing.

– They                becoming very angry because I’ve made them responsible for the future of these love declarations.

– They                asking the reader to fill the gaps that appear in these LOVE declarations with the words he/she HATEs the most. (From the beginning, please)

– They                 changing the subject of these love declarations to “The reader” and giving him/her complete responsibility.

– The reader                     being very happy because he/she now has A REAL ROLE for all these nice daixonses, saying to the person next to him/her: NOW I HAVE THE CONTROL.

– The reader                      writing on a white piece of paper his/her definition of art and once written, taking a photo of it to send to Sofía (soph_kol@hotmail.com). If the reader does this in the moment when the exhibition is happening, the reader should go to Sofía and read it to her.

– The reader                       using scissors to cut some of the words he/she has used to fill the gaps like this (an arrow points out the gap) composing something similar to a new sentence pasting the words on a yellow piece of paper.

– The reader                        drawing A REAL WORSHIP on a piece of paper, sending a photo of it to me (info@annadot.net) or hanging it on the exhibition wall. The sentence the reader has composed in the last love declaration should be used as an explanation of the drawing. If the reader does not remember what A REAL WORSHIP is, the reader              reading proposal 3.

– The reader                         getting tired of so many tasks.

– The reader                         discovering that this system is a lie and that having the chance to choose a few stupid things does not mean having the control over this.

– The reader                          starting to feel really angry with me because I don’t want to change the subject.

– The reader                          disappearing, leaving

G  R  E  A  T

D     E      E     P

G           A            P


–                                                 feeling existential emptiness.