Route XXX – Trafalgar and its surroundings


Audio guide created to celebrate the 30th birthday of Art Barcelona, Associació de Galeries d’Art de Barcelona. Invited by Anna Pahissa. 

In occasion of the 30th anniversary of Art Barcelona, Anna Pahissa organized de project Rutes XXX, for which 5 artists (Eulàlia Grau, Ignasi Aballí, Antonio Ortega, Rafel G. Bianchi and Anna Dot) where invited to elaborate a route through different spaces of the city. Each artist was assigned a neighborhood. She proposed me to work on Trafalgar and its surroundings. The journey that I designed includes visits to different art spaces, such as Blueproject Foundation, Dilalica, or Bombon Projects, but it also invites you to timetravel, beginning in the year 0, at the August Temple, on top of Mount Taber, coming to further than today. At certain moments, the ghost of Joan Brossa wanders with us. 

The route starts at: c/ del Paradís, 10 (Centre Excursionista de Catalunya)
It takes about 90 minutes.
It is necessary to bring a cloth handkerchief.
We recommend to follow it from Wednesday to Friday, between 5pm and 8pm. 

In tracks 1 and 4 you can listen to the songs “Imperi” and “Camps” respectively, by Vàlius, possibly the best band in Barcelona.

My infinite thanks to: Anna Pahissa, Art Barcelona, Joan Brossa, Vàlius, Bombon Projects, Dilalica, Galeria Miguel Marcos.