The name of things

19th January and 6th April, 2019

Activity within the program “Art en Obert”, at Experimentem amb l’Art, Barcelona.


We name things with words. Dictionaries collect those words that we’ve made up to name what we see and learn. This way, we can share knowledge. But who invented the first word? Who decided that flowers would be called “flowers”? How would they call themselves, if they could choose their own name? And the things that we don’t recognize, what are they called? Is there anything that still doesn’t have a name? Are there names that we don’t know yet?

In “The name of things” we explored our surroundings, looking for hidden, new, or forgotten words, and names that maybe we have never heard before.

Art en Obert is an intergenerational program for people of all ages and knowledges who feel interested in arts and education. 

My infinite thanks: Antònia del Río, Cristina Tanyà.