Col·lecció de l’Hipotàl·lem


Palma Lombardo and I have a private collection of art. We are collectors.
We started it around 2013 and it consists of contemporary works of art that we’ve found in our dreams.

This is why our collection is called “The Hypothalamus Collection of Art”.
The hypothalamus is a section of our brain that controls our periods of wakefulness and sleep.
Our collection doesn’t need a space to be kept but time, memory and words.
In our collection you can find artworks made by Palma or me, as well as pieces made by other artists like Yoko Ono, Berta Canela, Quim Packard, Bernat Daviu, David Bestué or Roc Herms, amongst many others.
Sometimes we make drawings and writings of the artworks we’ve dreamt in order to remember how did the artworks look like in our dreams.
Sometimes we select some artworks to make spoken exhibitions.
We accept donations.

We want to say thanks to our (until-now-)only donator: Aldo Urbano. We love you.